Tree Surgeon, ”Crossways”, Bramhall Park Area, Bramhall

It’s always important to monitor the Health and Safety of trees over communal areas especially car parks. In this instance the residents of Crossways apartments in the Bramhall Park area of Bramhall wanted a plan regarding the maintenance of their many trees within their grounds. As part of the Bramhall Park conservation area all work required planning consent to ensure that only necessary work was done and that any tree work was sympathetic to the surroundings.

We identified a number of poor specimens and overgrown trees near the car parking and garaging area of the property which is situated with a large number of trees on a steep sloped bank. With this in mind these trees were prioritised and we formulated a plan of action; submitting a planning application, advising residents in advance to make alternative parking arrangements and arranging to cordon off the car park and put clear signs at the entrance to the car park. The work was carried out successfully over two days and ensured that the car park could be used with peace of mind for the residents. We have also arranged to return annually to assess the ongoing maintenance needs of the tree within the grounds.