Didsbury, Beaver Road School

Beaver Road School, Didsbury
We were recently asked to do some tree work for Beaver Road School.  A huge Plane tree situated in the corner of the playground was becoming “overgrown”.  The problem was really the lower branches of the crown which were very low over the playground and overhanging the corner of Atwood Road and Beaver Road itself.  It was necessary to carry out some “crown lifting” i.e removing the offending branches yet pruning in a sympathetic way taking care not to ruin the overall look of the crown.  As you can see from the photos this was done successfully.





As it is sometimes the case, whilst we were doing this work we noticed a problem with another tree within the school grounds.  A blackthorn tree close to the playground and public footpath, had extensive decay in the crown and in our view had a real chance of failing which could well have been a hazard.  After reporting our find to the school they quickly gave us permission to remove the tree (this was the only real option).
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